Wednesday, August 27, 2008

life is going by fast, and it's gaining speed.

Just thinking to myself lately, "life is going by fast, and It's gaining speed." I was watching the movie "21" today and it has a song in the beginning, (I don't remember the exact lyrics) but it's talking about the things missed, I really took that to deeper thought. The things I do now that I hate so much, like staying home all day by myself every Monday and Tuesday, or things I like doing, like going to target and costco every Thursday with my mom and sister. Just little things like those I know I will miss as time goes by, it's actually quite depressing. I just know that we were not made for death, or for pain or anything like that. If I look at life through Gods eyes I don't see death, but life.

To Be Continued...


aprilmclean said...


Nick Palermo said...
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Nick Palermo said...

I know what you mean man. I was walking to my tennis courts on Wednesday and I was just thinking about life, career, marriage, and kids. I am already 24 and feel like life is going by SO FAST. It is so true when the Bible talks about our life just being a speckle of dust, here and gone like that.

When I think about it like that, those are the times I ask myself what am I doing with my life. Through God how can I make it better.

JenLyn said...
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JenLyn said...

Dude I totally agree
its like one minute things are one way and just as you start to get used to it being that way and actually enjoying it that way
Life goes and changes
and it just reminds you that life is chaging and time is flying.
its crazy!

Frank Morgan said...

looking too far into the future will age you quickly. we were made for life as it is presented to us, not as we struggle to make it out to be. of course, struggles come and things change, but remain satisfied with what God gives you at this time, and it will be well worth it.

RJ McCauley said...

Matt, i love you stud! As i said in one of my messages, "Life grows, goes, and then its gone."

Aaron said...

I remember how I used to think time took forever to pass (ahh, to be in kindergarten again), but now days are passing by faster then ever.

I love what Mat 6:34 says, "Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble."

Take each day one moment at a time and don't miss out on the simple blessings God gives.

Love you bro!

"Live, I wanna live inspired
Die, I wanna die for something higher than myself
Live and die for anyone else
The more I live I see this life's not about me"